Piranahs and Rainforests

Brazil seemed so obscure–so far away. Its food would make you think of snakes and bugs and brutal humid heat. But my adventure into trying out this cuisine was far different than expected. It wasn’t just piranahs and rainforests.


Brazil vs. Jewish: Brazil

Rainforest? What else is Brazil but rainforest and topless thong bikinis? Oh yes, and of course coffee. But a cuisine here, no. Brazil teems with life in its tropical climate. So much so, that the minerals and nutrients in its soils are scarce because it has been assimilated into all that life. But then how thin is it spread? Perhaps its all rainforest and piranhas after all.


Pizza vs. Tailgating: Results

Talk about the ultimate American food clash. Tailgating–social gathering driven snacks foods; mobile meals; anything your heart craves, pitted against Pizza– the ultimate American food staple that has crept right back into every corner of the world. With a heavyweight match of such mammoth proportions how could we do anything but have epic epicurean success? How could we possibly pick a winner?


Tailgating Part 3 – The Iced Coffee of Your Dreams

I love coffee in every form ever created. A cup of coffee, coffee ice cream, tiramisu with its coffee soaked lady fingers… I don’t care how you use it, if it has coffee, bring it on! But when summer rolls around and I needed a good glass of iced coffee, I was left out in the cold (no pun intended). But then I made a discovery that was truly a revelation… “cold-brewed” coffee. My dreams have come true.


Tailgating Part 2: The King of American Sandwiches

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! (in your best Gomer Pyle voice). Sandwiches are my choice for the ultimate Tailgating entree. Handheld bundles of joy, we searched American history to find the most American of sandwiches for this most American tradition of Tailgating. It wasn’t ham, it wasn’t turkey, and it certainly wasn’t bologna. Want a clue? It came to fame in the Great Depression and it has a bad rap. We’re going to change that…


Tailgating Part 1 – California Dippin’

Wherever your tailgating party may gather, be it the parking lot or the living room, some kind of dip is essential. If you don’t serve something for your friends to nibble on, you risk becoming the scourge of the neighborhood. You don’t want to be a scourge do you? Well, try this on for size… the “original” dip for chips – imported from California.


Tailgating Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Baltimore…(but I never left home!)

Where to go what to cook–explore? All hungry valid questions that needed answering. All I was sure of was i was going to hit the road and find some typically amazing tailgating food. Oddly enough the food came but I never got further than the back yard.


Pizza vs. Tailgating: Tailgating

Tailgating may be one of the slipperiest cuisines we’ve ever taken on. It’s every sports fan’s dream, an afternoon with your friends gathered close at hand and great grub of the manliest kinds within arm’s reach. Burgers, hot dogs and ribs are the everyday go-to here, but regional styles and tastes heavily influence what fans are craving on game day, and from Tuscaloosa to San Diego, no two parking lots are the same. But who rules in this food paradise? Can college stadiums outgun the pros?


The Art of Getting Stuffed!

Knowing me you’d think I’d try to offer you a Kung Pao pizza or maybe a pizza with Alpine dry cured apex and melted curds of Taleggio and Bel Paese, or even a pizza featuring juniper scented sauerkraut and Silesian Lodzka with caraway hand cheese. But I went in an unpredictable direction and made something almost normal. Almost…


Pushing the Pizza Envelope

Pizza! At last! This is one of my favorite things to make at home, where you can get wildly creative with toppings and sauces of every kind. Ham, clams, bacon, Swiss, Gouda, white cheddar – you name you can have it. Best of all… not enough cheese is never a complaint when you make it at home.

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